Saturday, 9 June 2012

The horde raise the roundhouse, piece by piece.

I spent the day at the Dumnonni LARP (Live Action Role Play) site of the village of Culhaven. We were dismantling the roundhouse. A dirty but fun job. It was particularly interesting to see the simple but clever construction. The fact that the roof was made of quite slender rafters, but in the circular cone configuration together created a great strength. It's due to be rebuilt a little larger, with higher walls and in a slightly different position.

The first tiles are removed. It's stood for about 9 years with a roof made of 4mm  plywood tiles and a rough thatch top. 


Here we are enjoying lunch with just the walls, of wattle and daub still standing. A couple of hours later and they were down too. By 3pm we'd cleared the site entirely.

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