Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Standing Desk

The standing desk up.
Standing desk folded down.
 I finally finished my standing desk today. It was a quick project I started in the summer, then got distracted and it was left incomplete until this afternoon. I was prompted get on with it after reading an article on the BBC news website saying that standing while working burns more calories and keeps you just that little bit fitter. Actually I wanted it because I am a bit of a fidget and can't sit still for the long periods sometimes required to finish a load of illustrations.

It was made from an old drawing board I have used for years hinged onto the wall. When up it is supported against the wall with a single plank resting on a chock of wood screwed into the wall. You'd think it would be too wobbly to lean on, but it's actually quite stable. I also had to make a support for the lamp. My studio is an old stone built out house which I clad in tongue and groove, which at the time I did for speed just to get the building running. However, over the years it has been brilliant because anything I want to attach to the wall is just a matter of screwing it in. No crumbling plasterwork, hammer drills, wall plugs, etc.

I'll report later on how I get on using it.

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